About The Site

Staff: Gabby & Mouza
Site Name: Luke Evans Archives
Online Since: July 12, 2017
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Who is managing the website?
Gabby: I’m Gabby, an admirer of Psychology and books, and a fangirl in my spare time.
Mouza: My name is Mouza, fangirl at heart. Reader & writer who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Why did you create the site?
To show our support for Luke & his career.

What’s the first thing you saw Luke in?
Gabby: I ended up watching so many of his films in the same week it’s all a bit of a blurr, but I believe Dracula Untold was the very first. I’m still happily making my way through his filmography!
Mouza: My first exposure with Luke was The Hobbit. Since then I’ve been watching his projects while building the site and he needs to stop playing the bad guy.