(VIDEO) Interviewed by iHeartRadio

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Luke Evans stopped by iHeartRadio in NYC for an exclusive interview. He talked about his album ‘At Last,’ his favorite tracks from the album, talked about sharing the charts with Billie Eilish & Celine Dion, + more!

Luke Evans also try to guess if a Disney character or Kardashian said these quotes

(VIDEO) Luke Evans at Strahan Sara and Keke

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The talented actor-singer performs his take on Cher’s classic hit and also the multi-talented performer sits down to discuss his early acting days, his new album and more.

Latest Album Commentary & Live at Dean St. Studios

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Gallery Update: ‘State Like Sleep’ Promotional Matherial & Screencaptures

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Our gallery was updated with promotional matherial & screencaptures of Luke’s scenes in “State Like Sleep”!

Luke Evans – Bring Him Home (Live at Dean St. Studios)

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The video for Luke Evans – Bring Him Home (Live at Dean St. Studios). The new album At Last is out now:

Luke Evans: ‘I had to drink Charles Dance’s blood. It was disgusting’

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The actor and singer on baking with his mum, the joys of a kebab after work and which films have the best on-set catering

I remember once spending a Christmas with a friend’s family as our guests and as they arrived the electricity went off in the house. I had to phone the next door neighbour (who’d gone to his parents’ home with his wife and kids) and ask: “Please can I let myself in and cook my turkey in your oven?” In the spirit of things, he said: “Of course.”

My very first memory is of Marie biscuits. They were in a green packet, thin and like Rich Tea biscuits but with more writing. We’d always have butter on top. It’s a very Welsh thing, putting butter on your sweet Maries.

I was born on Easter Sunday and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, by my mother, a housewife and sometime house cleaner, and my father, a bricklayer and great general builder, in a village [Aberbargoed] in the Rhymney Valley where the colliery had recently closed. The dining table was in the middle of the narrow galley kitchen, which led to our downstairs bathroom. We always ate there and Dad would start every meal with a prayer, based on what had been going on that day. Very personal, individual and sometimes sad.


Luke Evans Reveals How His Music Has Helped His Nana with Alzheimer’s

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Luke Evans joins Lorraine to chat about his incredibly versatile career as a singer, actor and dancer on stage and screen. He describes finally achieving his dream of releasing an album and how singing has always been his passion. He also chats about his role as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast and how it revealed his talents as a singer to a wider audience.

Luke Evans sings his way into our hearts

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Actor Luke Evans transcends the silver screen to bring us a new album of classic songs that are personal to him.

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