(Photos & Interview) Bustle: Luke Evans Is Ready For It All

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Check out the Luke new photoshoot for Bustle in our gallery and read the interview below:

Luke Evans is running through his work schedule for the rest of the year. “I go to New York, go to Los Angeles, do a premiere, come back, shoot a movie, finish that, go on another press tour. Then I have another film to shoot at the end of November, as well as doing another TV thing, which I can’t talk about yet. Then I’m going to do another movie at the beginning of December for another week in Acapulco. And then I’m around for press, and then I’m flying to Japan to do something there. And then I get Christmas! ” He exhales, shaking his head in mock exhaustion. “It can be done, and while I can and still enjoy it, why not?”

Evans, 43, is zooming in from Madrid, the city where his partner, Fran Tomas, a Spanish graphic designer, is based. It’s early morning and Evans leans back on a sofa, rubbing his eyes and intermittently sucking on a vape. He only landed in Madrid a day or so ago. Before that, he was in Ibiza, and Portugal prior to that. Tomorrow, he’ll go home to London for a couple of nights. In case you haven’t got the memo, Evans is not a man who stays in one place for long. Nor is he someone who makes a habit of turning down opportunities.

“I want to be able to say yes to everything,” he says in his gravelly, mellifluous Welsh lilt. He’s wearing a navy polo shirt that reveals a thin, tattooed band around his right forearm. Salt and pepper stubble runs across his jaw. “I have always been a yes person.”

Read the Full interview at Bustle

(Photos) “Pinocchio” World Premiere

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I’ve added some photos of Luke attending the “Pinocchio” World Premiere on September 07. Check out!

(Photos & Videos) The Late Late Show with James Corden

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On September 06, Luke Evans sits down with James Corden to talk about making the upcoming live action “Pinocchio”. Our gallery has been updated with HQ photos!

Two videos from the show are available online. Watch below:

“Pinocchio” Featurette: The Magic Of Pinocchio

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“It’s an incredibly rich opportunity to revisit and go deeper into this great masterpiece.” 📖 🎞 💫 The cast of the all-new live-action #Pinocchio share their favorite moments from the movie.

“Pinocchio” New Trailer

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The beloved classic comes to life in the all-new live-action Pinocchio! Watch the new trailer and stream the movie, a #DisneyPlusDay premiere, on September 8 on Disney+!

Luke Evans to Lead Netflix’s ‘Scrooge: A Christmas Carol’ Cast

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Olivia Colman, Luke Evans and Jessie Buckley are to lead Netflix’s animated adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol from Stephen Donnelly (Lost in Oz).

Evans will play Scrooge in Scrooge: A Christmas Carol while The Lost Daughter stars Colman and Buckley are the Ghost of Christmas Past and Isabel Fezziwig respectively. Also boarding are Jonathan Pryce, who will play Jacob Marley, Johnny Flynn, who will play Bob Cratchit, Fra Fee, Giles Terera, Trevor Dion Nicholas and James Cosmo.

The animated adaptation was one of eight shows unveiled on a mega European Netflix animation slate at Annecy International Film Festival last month, which also included a follow-up to Academy Award-nominee Klaus and an adaptation of Richard Curtis’ That Christmas.Source: Deadline

Luke Evans To Star In Custody-Battle Drama ‘Our Son’

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Luke Evans have been cast to star in a new project.

Luke Evans and Billy Porter will portray husbands in the upcoming drama “Our Son,” a feature film about spouses going through a divorce and fighting over the custody of their 8-year-old son.

Bill Oliver is directing the movie from a script he co-wrote with Peter Nickowitz. Additional cast members, including the actor who will play their child, have not been announced. “Our Son” is currently in the process of setting a distributor.

Fernando Loureiro and Guilherme Coelho are producing via their company, Tigresa, along with producer Eric Binns.

Source: Variety

“Pinocchio” Teaser Trailer

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When you wish upon a star… ⭐ Watch the trailer for the all-new live action Pinocchio and stream the movie, a #DisneyPlusDay premiere, September 8 on Disney Plus. 🧚🪄

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