Luke Evans shares behind the scenes snaps as he discusses new brand BDXY

[ Written on March 21 2024 by admin ]

“A lot of people say I’ve got thirst trap videos and images on social media,” the Welsh actor has told Attitude of the inspirations behind the new collection

As the pale winter sun floods into Luke Evans and his boyfriend Fran’s London penthouse, I eye up the decor. Any self-respecting nosey person would do the same in a Hollywood star’s home. The place is filled with tasteful art and plenty of chic trinkets from around the world, which is apt, as the spirit of travel is at the very heart of his new menswear brand BDXY.

Created by Luke, Fran, and Luke’s stylist friend Christopher Brown, BDXY is a 12-piece collection of classics that include a tee, vest, underwear, swimwear, shorts, a towel, a tote bag, and even a candle.

It’s evident looking at the collection, from the hazy summery colours, to the quality of the collection that every detail has been thought out by the trio. The clothes have a classic 1950s. old Hollywood feel to them. Pieces like shell shorts time travel to another iconic era of fashion, the 70s, creating an evergreen vintage touch to BDXY. The Marlon Brandon heartthrob illusion is aided by having an actual A-list film and TV actor sitting in front of me, wearing BDXY as he enthusiastically discusses the clothes with a velvety Welsh accent.

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