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Luke Evans interview for Vogue Portugal

Interviews about BDXY

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BDXY is the new menswear brand from Luke Evans, his partner and stylist Chris Brown. Here a made a compilation of Evans talks about the new venture.

“We started talking about this a year last September, so it’s been a year and a half in the making,” says Luke Evans, across a wide, round table at his light-filled, lofty penthouse atop one of London’s luxurious apartment complexes. Around us, in his vast kitchen-cum-diner, are trinkets he has collected from film sets, hundreds of candles, and, a collection of primary coloured clothing, which is the reason we’re sat at his dining room table. Evans, along with his life partner Fran Tomas, and Christopher Brown, the stylist of David Beckham) have co-launched BDXY, a brand dedicated to delivering the best men’s separates. “Bold and sexy, that’s what the name means. We wanted to give that amazing feeling of ‘I can conquer the world’.”

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“T-shirts are what actors live in,” says Luke Evans. “I know I do.” The star of The Hobbit and Beauty and the Beast is in his house on the Portuguese Atlantic coast and we’re talking wardrobe malfunctions. Not the sort you might imagine on the red carpet, mind, but the type men the world over experience when they reach for a T-shirt in the morning.

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When Luke Evans goes on vacation, there are only two things he needs: a good beach and a good T-shirt (okay, and maybe a few other things too, but more on that later).

That’s the inspiration behind the actor’s latest endeavor, an apparel and lifestyle brand dubbed BDXY, which debuted this month with a capsule collection of figure-flattering T-shirts, swim trunks, underwear, candles and seaside-inspired accessories. Playing off the words “bold” and “sexy,” BDXY (pronounced “B-D-X-Y”) launches with a unisex tee as its hero product, inspired by classic Hollywood style.

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Empire Podcast #610

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This week’s episode of the Empire Podcast is brought to you by the letter E, as Cynthia Erivo and Luke Evans join Chris Hewitt to talk about their new projects. First up, Erivo talks about her astonishing performance in Drift, which she also produced, and in particular one harrowing scene, and its impact upon her. It’s an incredibly intense and honest interview and it can be found from 24:11 – 38:18 (approx). Then Evans returns to the pod after a long absence to talk about his role in Our Son, in which he plays a gay man going through a painful divorce, and playing The Crystal Maze with Daniel Levy. That’s from 59:17 – 1:16:28 (again, approx.).

Luke Evans: ‘It would be very fun to return for final Fast & Furious film’

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The star told that he’s open to reprising his role as Owen Shaw for the long-running franchise’s closing instalment.

Luke Evans has revealed he would be open to reprising his role as Owen Shaw in the final Fast & Furious film.

The Welsh actor first starred as the antagonist – who is the brother of Jason Statham’s character Deckard Shaw – in the sixth entry of the long-running action franchise, and has gone on to make a couple of other appearances in subsequent films.

And, speaking exclusively to for a Big RT Interview about his new divorce drama Our Son, Evans revealed that with the final film on the horizon, he’d love to go back one more time – even if it is far from a certainty that he’ll be asked.

“That world… they get bigger and bigger and crazier and crazier, and the more bad guys they bring in, the less chance that Owen comes back,” he said.

“But the Shaw family is still there. And obviously, [there’s] Jason as Owen’s brother and Helen Mirren as his mother – so the family really has probably the longest legacy of a bad guy family in the franchise.”

He added: “I’d go back if they invite me, I think it’s very fun. It would be very fun to reprise the role.”

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Luke Evans on Our Son: “I’ve never seen this from the gay point of view”

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The Welsh actor speaks to about his new divorce drama, his upcoming projects and the cancelled Beauty and the Beast prequel.

Luke Evans has accomplished many things in his career – from starring in major blockbuster franchises like Fast & Furious to releasing two albums as a musician – but his new film marks a first for the Welsh actor.

When production began on Our Son, which is now available to own and rent on digital platforms, it was the first time Evans – who is gay – had played an LGBTQ+ character on screen.

The film tells the story of Nicky (Evans) and Gabriel (Billy Porter), a married couple whose collapsing relationship ultimately leads to messy divorce proceedings and a fight for custody over their son, Owen (Christopher Woodley).

For Evans, it was the chance to explore a common experience from a fresh perspective that enticed him to the project.

“It’s a story that we’re so used to seeing in huge Hollywood movies, but from the straight point of view,” he tells during an exclusive interview.

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Luke Evans on fashion, marriage and body image: ‘I wasn’t pretty or flawless – I looked like a bloke’

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In his new film ‘Our Son’, the Welsh star of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘The Hobbit’ plays one half of a gay couple enduring a messy split. He speaks to Adam White about the importance of depicting gay divorce, leaving small-town Aberbargoed at 16, and why he’s launched a ‘bold and sexy’ lifestyle brand

Luke Evans would like to clarify something, as I’ve made the mistake of calling him hench. “Firstly, Dwayne Johnson is hench,” the actor says, cheerfully yet firmly, in his mellifluous Welsh growl. “Chris Hemsworth is hench. Put them next to me and I look like a matchstick.”

The decidedly un-hench Evans may not feel particularly stacked in the upper-arm department, but he’s certainly played a lot of muscly men. In the live-action Beauty and the Beast he was Gaston, a throbbing vein of musical machismo. He was a swashbuckling archer in the Hobbit trilogy, the Greek god Apollo in Clash of the Titans, and a surprisingly tender Zeus in the action thriller Immortals. He’s even been a villain in a Fast & Furious movie, that practically annual convention of the square-jawed and bountifully burly.

Finally, there’s Evans’s Instagram, which suggests he leads a blissful, sun-kissed life of topless reclining and international adventure. The imagery for his new lifestyle brand BDXY follows suit, showcasing yachts, supermodels and immaculate tailoring. Maybe “hench” isn’t the right word. Maybe it should just be “envy-inducing”.

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Luke Evans shares behind the scenes snaps as he discusses new brand BDXY

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“A lot of people say I’ve got thirst trap videos and images on social media,” the Welsh actor has told Attitude of the inspirations behind the new collection

As the pale winter sun floods into Luke Evans and his boyfriend Fran’s London penthouse, I eye up the decor. Any self-respecting nosey person would do the same in a Hollywood star’s home. The place is filled with tasteful art and plenty of chic trinkets from around the world, which is apt, as the spirit of travel is at the very heart of his new menswear brand BDXY.

Created by Luke, Fran, and Luke’s stylist friend Christopher Brown, BDXY is a 12-piece collection of classics that include a tee, vest, underwear, swimwear, shorts, a towel, a tote bag, and even a candle.

It’s evident looking at the collection, from the hazy summery colours, to the quality of the collection that every detail has been thought out by the trio. The clothes have a classic 1950s. old Hollywood feel to them. Pieces like shell shorts time travel to another iconic era of fashion, the 70s, creating an evergreen vintage touch to BDXY. The Marlon Brandon heartthrob illusion is aided by having an actual A-list film and TV actor sitting in front of me, wearing BDXY as he enthusiastically discusses the clothes with a velvety Welsh accent.

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