First Look: Backstairs Billy at the Duke of York’s Theatre in Rehearsal

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First look rehearsal images are released for the world première of Marcelo Dos Santos ’new play Backstairs Billy which looks at a pivotal moment in the 50 year relationship between the Queen Mother and her loyal servant William “Billy” Tallon.

Luke Evans Cast In BBC Drama ‘The Way’

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Luke Evans will star in The Way, a “powerful” new BBC drama about a civil uprising in a tiny industrial town in Wales.

DEADLINE: Luke Evans and Callum Scott Howells are among the stars of upcoming BBC drama The Way from Michael Sheen, James Graham and Adam Curtis.

Sheen, who is also directing, will star in The Way with Steffan Rhodri and Mali Harries. The drama, announced in February, comes from Welsh indie Red Seam.

The Way is billed “an emotional and darkly humorous story about what it means to be faced with impossible choices” and follows the Driscoll family, who are forced to escape their small home town, which becomes ground zero of a spiraling civil uprising.

The three-part show is written by Sherlock and scribe Graham, directed by Sheen in his television directorial debut and counts HyperNormalisation director Curtis among its exec producers. Derek Ritchie is the producer and ITV Studios has international distribution. Additional funding support has been provided by the Welsh Government via Creative Wales.

(Photos & Interview) Bustle: Luke Evans Is Ready For It All

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Check out the Luke new photoshoot for Bustle in our gallery and read the interview below:

Luke Evans is running through his work schedule for the rest of the year. “I go to New York, go to Los Angeles, do a premiere, come back, shoot a movie, finish that, go on another press tour. Then I have another film to shoot at the end of November, as well as doing another TV thing, which I can’t talk about yet. Then I’m going to do another movie at the beginning of December for another week in Acapulco. And then I’m around for press, and then I’m flying to Japan to do something there. And then I get Christmas! ” He exhales, shaking his head in mock exhaustion. “It can be done, and while I can and still enjoy it, why not?”

Evans, 43, is zooming in from Madrid, the city where his partner, Fran Tomas, a Spanish graphic designer, is based. It’s early morning and Evans leans back on a sofa, rubbing his eyes and intermittently sucking on a vape. He only landed in Madrid a day or so ago. Before that, he was in Ibiza, and Portugal prior to that. Tomorrow, he’ll go home to London for a couple of nights. In case you haven’t got the memo, Evans is not a man who stays in one place for long. Nor is he someone who makes a habit of turning down opportunities.

“I want to be able to say yes to everything,” he says in his gravelly, mellifluous Welsh lilt. He’s wearing a navy polo shirt that reveals a thin, tattooed band around his right forearm. Salt and pepper stubble runs across his jaw. “I have always been a yes person.”

Read the Full interview at Bustle

Beauty and the Beast: Luke Evans Addresses Gaston Prequel Training Rumors

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Comic Book: Beauty and the Beast star Luke Evans addressed those Gaston prequel rumors.’s Chris Killian spoke to the actor in promotion of Crossing Swords on Hulu. During the conversation, the topic of Evans’ impressive fitness regimen during the pandemic. It turns out those muscles are not for Gaston, but rather for Apple’s Echo 3. The actor is playing a special forces member and that means he had to bulk up. Killian was very complimentary of his physique but asked about a secret superhero role that could be in the works. While that’s not the case for Evans as he clarified that it’s all just for that Apple series. But, it’s also helped his mental health throughout the past two events. Check out what he had to say down below:

“I’m just a bad cook, I couldn’t eat my own food,” he joked. “Starved myself. I first primarily did this because keeping fit keeps my feeling mentally healthy. It was something to do, something to focus on. I tried to stay in shape as much as possible because these jobs I’m doing right now require a certain amount of physical capability. Weirdly, everyone thinks I’m training for Gaston but I’m training for the thing I’m doing right now. This is Echo 3, which I’m doing in Colombia, where I am right now. He’s a delta forces, special forces commando. These guys are machines and you can throw them anywhere in the world and they’re able to survive. There’s a certain physicality that comes with that. It all helps because I’m going into this show playing Gaston again. It’ll help, I’m sure”

However, the actor previously speculated on another action-heavy role that he would love a crack at with Mirror.

“I think I’ve cut my teeth very well in movies I’ve done and I’ve enjoyed every second of it,” he said back then. “t’s a phenomenal job, a phenomenal franchise, an incredible role. I have to say though, it’s a daunting task for any actor to play the role after Daniel Craig. No one knows what’s happening. It’s a very secretive process and it’s a wonderful role. I would jump at the chance, as would many actors in my position, so we shall see. It will be an exciting casting moment for the Bond production and I wish whoever gets it the best of luck.”

Luke Evans Joins Disney’s Tom Hanks ‘Pinocchio’ Movie

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Deadline can tell you first that Beauty and the Beast Gaston star Luke Evans will play The Coachman in Disney’s live-action retelling of Pinocchio, directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks as Geppetto.

The movie, which was recently announced at Disney Investor Day in December as making its destination on streaming service Disney+, not theaters, is written by Zemeckis and Chris Weitz. Andrew Miano and Weitz are producing through their company Depth of Field. The 1940 Disney animated classic tells the tale of a living puppet who, with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real boy. Box Office Mojo lists the movie with a lifetime gross close to $122M worldwide, however, the original animated feature has always been a vault cash cow for Disney.

Luke Evans Talks ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Prequel

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After Luke Evans confirmed that he will reprise his role of Gaston in a “Beauty And The Beast” prequel series, Carlos Bustamante and Graeme O’Neil react during “ET Canada Live”.

Luke Evans on the Beauty & the Beast Prequel & New Pembrokeshire Murders Drama | This Morning

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Dark January nights are the perfect time to get your teeth into a gritty drama – and Hollywood’s Luke Evans has just the ticket. He stars as Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins in ‘The Pembrokeshire Murders’ who goes in search of the man behind two unsolved double murders from the 1980s. Can DSI Wilkins crack the case? Luke joins us to tell us more, and shares some exciting news about Disney’s prequel to Beauty and the Beast.

Behind The Scenes for Attitude

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In the January issue of Attitude magazine, Luke Evans is Attitude’s Man of the Year, supported by Virgin Atlantic. He discusseshis journey from being bullied as a gay kid in Wales to out and proud Hollywood leading man.

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